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The Benefits and Side-Effects of Phytoceramides

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Have you ever wondered, why celebrities look much younger despite their age?

Sure, there are a lot of anti-aging skincare products but today we’ll be talking about a special compound – Phytoceramides.

Recently these plant-based ceramides are rocking the skincare industry for various Phytoceramides’ benefits. It’s miraculous how it works against the aging effect naturally and provides the skin with a smoother and moisturized texture.

However, just like other beauty products, there might be some phytoceramides side-effects. If you are someone who’s confused about whether it would be the best decision to take phytoceramides, we’re here for you with all of the pros and cons explained that’ll give you a deep understanding of what you’re investing in.

We’ll also include the Phytoceramides health benefits and Phytoceramides skin benefits so that you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff regarding phytoceramides.

What are Phytoceramides?

If we break down the word “Phytoceramides”, we get – phyto and ceramides. Phyto means plants or related to plants. On the other hand, ceramides refer to the waxy lipid molecules that are responsible to maintain the moisture of our skin. These are natural elements that live under our skin cells. With aging, these ceramides start decreasing in amount, resulting in wrinkles and dehydrated texture.

So, skin and beauty experts came up with a solution – Phytoceramides. It works well not only for the face but also for the whole body. The reason why people rely on phytoceramides so much is it helps to gain that younger looking beautiful skin even at the later stages of life.

Elements Contained in Phytoceramides

Before you apply Phytoceramides, you must check what elements it contains. These supplements come with a package of nutrients that will mostly be beneficial for you. However, some elements can cause you serious damage.

So, let’s see what you’re putting on your skin and if it’s suitable for you or not.

Different Phytoceramides products have different products so be sure to check prior to purchase.

The common ingredients found in Phytoceramides are:

  • Vitamin A, C, D, and E

  • Rosemary Extract

  • Rice Bran Oil

  • Plant Sterols

If you are someone who can’t handle gluten products, you can easily use alternative phytoceramide supplements that are made from rice and sweet potatoes. For the average person, 350mg is the preferable amount of liquid to take as capsules per day.

Note there is no official recommended amount to take per day and this can and will change from person to person.

Phytoceramides Benefits

Containing natural Ceramides elements in it, Phytoceramides benefits are hard to count.

You’ll be stunned to learn that it also works in your 80s. Phytoceramides mimic your body's natural ceramides to give your skin that young youthful glow.

So we’ve chosen some of the best advantages that phytoceramides provide:

Removes Wrinkle

As we age, our skin loosens over time due to the gradual loss of naturally occurring ceramides. Wrinkles walk in and you see lines all over your body, especially the face. It makes our age more highlighted and sometimes it appears to hide our youth very quickly. What phytoceramide does is that it tones down your skin naturally and removes those lines from your face, leaving a younger-looking wrinkle-free skin.

Hydrates Skin

One of the major phytoceramides benefits is that it allows your skin to be more hydrated. Some people have dehydration problems sometimes due to ceramide loss, which can cause rashes and redness on the skin. The wheat extraction in phytoceramides helps to hydrate your cells and give a glow to your face. The more hydrated your skin is, the healthier and younger you’ll look.

Protects the Skin from UV Rays

With modernization, global warming is increasing the hole in the hemisphere. As a result, the earth is becoming more open to the sun’s UV rays. It affects our skin directly and damages the cells beneath. By taking phytoceramides regularly, you can be safer from the harmful effects of the UV Rays.

Reduces Aging Spots

Many people tend to grow some aging spots on their face or body as a result of their age. These spots can be easily removed by taking phytoceramide supplements to the required amount. Note that you must be aware of its negative effects which we’ll discuss later.

Clears Under-Eye-Bags

Younger or older, there are a lot of people who suffer from puffy eyes. Perhaps anxiety or some deadlines have ruined their sleep routine, resulting in bags under their eyes. Now, why are we addressing this issue? Yes, you guessed it right! Phytoceramides benefits also include removing eye bags underneath. It makes them look more beautiful and younger-looking.

Removes Skin Blemishes

With the help of vitamins and antioxidants, phytoceramides help remove acne and any type of blemishes from the skin. It promotes collagen production and makes the skin smoother. The best thing about phytoceramides is it enhances the firmness of the skin and works as a damage controller.

These are just some of the many phytoceramides health benefits and phytoceramides skin benefits you’ll achieve once you’ve tried this wonderful supplement.

Phytoceramides Side Effects

Though there are plenty of phytoceramides health benefits and phytoceramide skin benefits, there still remains some risks with this compound. Not everyone using phytoceramide will face consequences, but few may suffer some side effects. In this case, you should be conscious of the ingredients before you start taking them.

We tried to provide the probable phytoceramides side effects below that will help you in choosing your supplement in the right way.


Many people have allergies to certain food or ingredients such as gluten, soy, nuts, fish, etc. If you are gluten-intolerant, then you must avoid phytoceramide supplements containing wheat in it. The same goes for nuts and soy. Avoid the supplement if it has nutty flavors or oil in it.

However, people allergic to fish may have very little reaction. Still, they should ignore phytoceramide supplements kosher gelatin as a base. Remember, the moment you see any discrepancies happening in your body, stop taking the supplement and head straight to the doctor. It’s also wise if you consult a pediatrician or a doctor before you start taking phytoceramides to be safe.

Skin Irritations

Even if you’re not allergic to certain elements, ingredients in phytoceramides products can cause your skin trouble. Apart from beautifying your skin, it can cause local irritation, itchiness, redness, skin irritation, etc. Just make sure to always do a spot check for creams or for supplements, and start with small doses to be sure. Don’t let the phytoceramide skin benefits turn into a phytoceramide side effect.

Rare Side Effects

Aside from allergies and minor skin irritation in the rare occasion, phytoceramides are considered very safe and do not have side effects caused by the phytoceramides themselves. However, there could be side effects caused by elements added to the supplements so always do your research and use safe products with safe natural ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Phytoceramides are indeed a revolutionary product of science. People love to live with healthy, clear, younger-looking skin. Phytoceramides help by naturally boosting ceramides in your skin. Among the numerous benefits it provides, we tried to inform you about the small side effects and risks as well. Be careful in taking harmful ingredients for your body and choose the right substitutes. Pick up the right brand that is proven and tested and you should have no worries.

You should also consult with your doctor before taking these supplements if you’re pregnant. If you have any allergies we do recommend taking a very close look at the ingredients and being double sure you have the allergy-free phytoceramide products since that is the only REAL risk. We should also mention that there are 100% Vegan options available as well!

More on that to come...

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